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Katrina Kaif missing, Fans worried

TRN Bureau, Mumbai: It has been reported that Katrina Kaif has gone missing! People have been trying to contact her and her manager as well. But none of them is reachable. Kat went missing since the morning of 23rd March.

This is not the first time that a public figure has suddenly disappeared. The same was done by Yo Yo Honey Singh, Rahul Gandhi and Vladimir Putin as well. Now it is the B-town actress this time- she has taken social media sites by the storm. Twitter is flooded with all sorts of tweets. While some of the twitteratis are genuinely concerned for her, others are making the best out of the satiation by cracking jokes on her.

One person commented – “Lol after reading tweets about #KatrinaMissing ..I can see how much katrina kaif is admired!!”  While another person wondered why her disappearance was such a big issue, “Dudes what’s with #KatrinaMissing ? Like she isn’t a 2 year old I’m sure she can figure her way back home ! Chill out seriously”

Another twitterati cracked a joke on the Slice mango juice advertisement in which the actress appears, “Mango season’s here, did anybody look for her romancing a mango tree yet?”

With so much fun going on, how could the CID jokes be missing? So here it is – “ACP Pradhyuman ko inform karo. 1 ghante ke episode mai dhoond ke dega :P” Another person made fun of her acting skills, “Dats ROFLing 😀 She Might Be Getting Training In Acting From IIN”

While other tweets explored the possible reasons for the actress’s sudden disappearance, “She might be busy in watching Cricket world cup matches” , “Now a days actress go for learning new skills for their movies , she must be learning sumthing new for upcoming movie” , “Katrina might went to London to spend some time with her own family”

Amidst all this, sources are saying a lot about her whereabouts. One source reports that she was recently busy searching Google maps for some locations in Maharashtra. She had been planning for a trip to a secret location. A source said, “I saw Katrina madam speaking to one Mr. Sagar Jadhav from Ratnagiri, asking him about the directions to reach there. Although, I am not sure as to why she wanted to go to Ratnagiri.” Moreover, investigation agencies have already started their work. They are tracking her mobile location. It would be interesting to see whether the matter is serious or Katrina gains something out of this publicity stunt.

Courtesy: Bollywood Mantra


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