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Abki Baar Kejriwal: Exit Polls

TRN Bureau, New Delhi: The Aam Aadmi Party appears set to make a comeback with almost all exit polls giving the 26- month-old party a majority in the bitterly fought Delhi elections held on Saturday with a record voter turnout of 67.14 %.

AAP BJP Congress Others
ABP News- Neilson 43 26 1 0
Datamineria 31 35 4 0
India Today- Cierco 38-46 19-27 3-5 0-2
India TV-CVoter 35-43 25-33 0-2 0-2
India News-Axis 53 17 0-2 0
News Nation 41-45 23-27 1-3 0-1
News24-Today’s Chanakya 48 22 0 0

The BJP could bag 17-33 seats. It got 32 in the last election. The Congress may pull in a blank or at least five seats, the polls have predicted.

Arvind Kejriwal thanked the people of Delhi for their support. “You are so amazing,’’ he tweeted. “You rejected the politics of caste and religion. Hope final results are as per exit polls.”


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