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Christian Charity “Asha Society” dupes lacs of rupees flowing from overseas

TRN Bureau, New Delhi: Asha Community Health and Development Society (Asha), a Christian NGO based in Delhi, founded by Kiran Martin in 1988 has recently come under the scanner of the Vigilance Department of Government of India under the leadership of PM Narendra Modi. The Charity which was founded by Kiran, who is a Pediatrician by Profession was earlier working with an another Christian Charity, EHA (Emmanueal Health Association) but due to the love of money, she grabbed one of the health project of EHA named Asha (which means hope in Hindi) and established her own non-governmental organization by the same name. It is ironical that Kiran has also received Padam Shree Award in 2002 by the former President of India, KR Narayanan.

It has come to the notice of the Central government that this charity is supported by various big Christian organizations like Tear Fund. Asha claims that it is working in 55 slums of Delhi but upon investigation the government officials came to know that it is working in only 17 slums of Delhi. Many big government officers of the Slum department of Delhi are alleged to be closely working with Kiran.


One comment on “Christian Charity “Asha Society” dupes lacs of rupees flowing from overseas

  1. I’ve known this organization for years and have seen their work closely. This is written with malice and there is no enquiry against them by anyone as their work in the slum clusters is not just excellent and have over 250 credible testimonials of youngsters having evolved into fine professionals. They have gone beyond healthcare and provided counselling and placement to many. Infact you should go and see their work offline before writing these things.


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